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Even though most of us are likely to have some sort of problem with our feet, people with diabetes are potentially at greater risk of developing serious foot problems.

This is because people with diabetes are more likely to experience reduced blood circulation (vascular disease) and nerve degeneration (neuropathy) in their feet and legs, causing a decreased ability to heal – even minor cuts and abrasions. This could potentially lead to foot ulcerations.

Anyone who has diabetes is strongly advised to have their feet checked by a podiatrist for assessment of circulation, nerve function, other potential risks and advice on preventative foot care. This should be done on a regular basis, or as recommended by a podiatrist.

Further ways we can help

  • We give you a comprehensive diabetic foot assessment. This includes vascular testing using Doppler ultrasound and neurological testing to check for peripheral neuropathy (nerve damage). A report is provided to your GP.
  • Show you how to examine your feet yourself, particularly if you suffer from poor circulation and numbness.
  • Treat any cuts, grazes and bruises to prevent further complications.
  • Treat hard skin and calluses as these may become ulcerated over time.
  • Make sure your socks and footwear are correct and comfortable.