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Age Care

By the age of 80, the avarage person will have walked approximately 100,000 miles. That is a fair bit of wear and tear on the feet that are carrying you!

Foot problems are huge concern for elderly patients and injuries or complications with the feet and ankles can have serious implications for people in this age group.

After the age of 75, small cuts or blisters can easily become serious infections; minor bone abnormalities can develop into serious deformities and foot problems increase the likelihood of falls resulting in major injury.

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Treating elite athletes

Elite athletes have a high risk of injury while participating in sport and the most common sports injuries can all be attributed to podiatric complications.

Professional and elite athletes push their bodies to the limit and will often risk injury for a better performance. That being the case, as a group, elite athletes will often mask the symptoms of injury and can make it difficult by playing down symptoms in an effort to get back to sport sooner.

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Workplace Injuries

Workplace injuries result from both ongoing biomechanical and structural problems as well as from localised injury and workplace accidents.

Lower limb injuries account for 20% of workplace injuries in Australia every year. The most common foot injuries include Achilles tendonitis, plantar fasciltis, hallux valgus and stress fractures.

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